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Monday, October 3, 2011

I can never think of clever titles, especially when the post itself is not quite clever.

It's been a shamefully long time since I wrote a blog post. I have only two excuses to offer: (1) I didn't see the point in blogging about all the same things that Joanna blogged about while I was traveling with her. If you haven't read her blog, you should. (2) Since I returned home on September 18th, I have had only one day off. I did not spend it blogging. The only reason I am blogging now is because I seem to be sick. I'm going to work from 1 to 7:30-ish, so I'm resting while I can.

Because my life is not very exciting, I am now going to tell you all about my day off, and the projects going on in my house. Here goes: 

My day off happened to be Saturday, which made it even more of a treat.  It was a nearly perfect day, complete with wonderful people, antiques, my sweet boyfriend, and quite a lot of food. The day would have been unparalleled if I hadn't been getting sick. 

First there was some brief but very successful garage-saling. Then there was a Golden Pride breakfast burrito and coffee, a little bit of yoga and gardening, and a cleaned kitchen before we met back up for sushi and bubble tea. The afternoon/evening began with Music-go-Round and the most amazing bubblegum pink guitar you could ever ask for. I have never asked for one, personally, but I imagine lots of people might. It caught my eye, and so I jokingly suggested that Randy buy it. He did. Don't worry, it's for his guitar club... unless he falls in love with it and keeps it.

We found some really neat things at the Classic Century Square antique place on Central, but everything in there seemed to be much more expensive than I remembered it. Most of the time, they could not even justify their prices with an impressive date. Half the tags just said "old this" and "old that". U-Neek Finds next door was far more entertaining and had very good prices. I came away with this little beauty:

How great is that??? It's a picnic basket just for wine! The glasses, cloth napkins and wine key all came with it. I can't wait to use it.  Too bad you can't drink wine at city parks, huh? We'll see what my next day off allows... We also agreed that I should try to go get a job over there, because the people working there were so much fun. The lady that we think might be the owner sang us a song about dead puppies. It was a nice way to wind down the shopping adventures. We hit Big Lots later that evening, and finished with wine, cheese and pancakes.

While I was hitting the second-hand shops, my house was undergoing many wonderful changes, and I cannot take credit for any of them. My dad has worked very hard in the garage. If you've ever seen my garage before, you know how remarkable the picture below is. One could almost put a car inside! Almost.

Attention former roommates! No more horrible, overflowing laundry water bucket!!! There is still a bucket, but it is outside, where flooding is no longer a disaster. The dryer vents outside now, too. The laundry area in general is quite a bit cleaner, and the rug that was water-logged one too many times has been dragged away at last. 

Speaking of roommates... I miss my roommates. Most recently, the Hollers left me to get their own place near Sandia Park. It's very cute. Being alone has it's ups and downs. It's way too quiet, and I get lonely, but it's kind of nice to have the house back to myself. When I finally get back into my own bedroom, I'll have to start playing with the extra room I have now.

Painting is being done in more than one place:

 The tiling in my bathroom is done, thanks to Mark Hawn! Now we just have to finish up some repair work above the shower, paint, and put in a new sink and toilet. I have had visions for many months now about how I'd like to decorate that little bathroom. Maybe some of them will come true.

In the meantime, my bedroom looks like this. Scary, isn't it?

And my temporary bedroom looks like this:

Also, I bought a new rug.

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  1. I like reading all about your life. It makes me miss you terribly. And wow, the garage looks AMAZING! And I'm very excited for your new bathroom and rug. Love you!